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08.09.2010, 15:37

Welcome to Escaria

Welcome to Escaria!

To make things easier for you, we will show you something about Escaria.
There is also an Ingame Tutorial, which will show you the first an most important steps on your island.

First view on your island
After logging in, you will see your island for the first time:

To navigate over the map, click on your left mouse button and move the map in any direction.
Because you are able to enlarge your island however you like, you will need this function very soon.

Moreover we marked the following elements on the screenshot above for you:
  1. Mainmenue
  2. Resources
  3. Center to main building
  4. By clicking on a field on the island, the ring menu will be opened
  5. Informationpanel
  6. Context menu
Mainmenue (1)

Island view (7)
Click here and you switch to the island view

Seamap( 8 )

Because you are not alone in Escaria, you are able to look at the seamap and make an overview about your

If you click on the sea, there will be opened the ring menue, which gives you some opportunities.
Functions which are not available at the moment, are greyed out.
Are you clicking on the green pointer, your island will move to that position.
To center on destination, click on the green pointer (16) above.
With the homebutton (14), the view will be centered on your island.
If you discover an other island, you can click on it, and the ring menue will give you following opportunities:
  • Send a message to the user
  • Look at his profile
  • Trade with this user
  • Attack this user
  • Send troops to user
There is also the option to look at the world map, therefore you have to click on the globe(15).
The world map shows you every trading station and island source on the world, as well you will see your guild members as green points.
At trading stations with the right level you can not be attacked by anyone.
The island sources will give you new lowland and mountain pieces for your island.

The logbook collects your messages from other players, informations about different events (trades, battles) and
news about the game. So we recommend to open your logbook from time to time. The "more" button retrieve you the
option to see older messages.

There are different Highscores at Escaria, each is showing your actual rank.

Here you have an overview about your guild. Also you will be able to communicate with your guild members.

Pearls are an independently currency at Escaria, which gives you a lot of advantages.
In this view you will see how many pearls you currently own, for what you can use them, and you are also able to
buy them here. You also can use your pearls in the game directly, e.g.: immediate built for buildings.

This bar shows how many resources you actually have in your warehouses, and what is your production per
hour. There are following resources from left to right: wodden, food, stone, iron, population


Therefor you will need some forest and a lumberjack. The value into the brackets shows you the maximum capacity
of your warehouses.

You will need fishers or farms to get more food in your warehouse

Stone and Iron
For this two resource types you need mountain pieces.

Here you can see how many people you have left, to build houses or troops. With your luxury resource and some parties
you can raise your population.

Island sources
You will need more place on your island very soon. To get more island pieces move your island to an island source.
They are marked on the sea and world map. The blue circle around them shows you their influence radius. Island sources
will give you two times a day one lowland and mountain piece.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate, and post them in our board or contact our support.

We wish you a fascinating time with Escaria
Your Escaria-Team
Computer says noooooo

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